"Oh, it's you, Knight Gundam! What would you like to know about? I'm quite well versed in all manner of things, especially basic info on SD GUNDAM STORY - KNIGHT GUNDAM LEGEND! Well, actually, it's all I really know about... Either way, what do you need to know?"

This page will have info on MENUS and COMBAT, along with a list of ENEMIES, SPELLS, and CARDASS.

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What does each command in the menu do? Read further and you'll find out!

TALK - Perfect for chatty knights, this command allows you to talk to people in the world! Use this one a lot, as NPCs often have important info, and can say some fun stuff sometimes!

MAGIC - Use this command to use spells outside of battle! If you'd like to check all of a character's spells, try the next command!

STATUS - This command will open a submenu, which will give you three options: Conditions, Abilities, and Lineup. CONDITIONS will let you see everyone's current H and M (which I will be calling HP and MP from now on), compared to their max. ABILITIES opens a menu that shows all of a character's stats, along with their spells. LINEUP will change the party order. I'm unsure if this changes the targetting rates like in Final Fantasy, but regardless, it allows you to pretend you're playing as Guntank or Amuro rather than Knight Gundam.

ITEMS - Allows you to check each character's inventory, including their equips. To change their equipment, select the next command.

EQUIP - Select this to change a member's equipment into something else in their inventory.

SEARCH - When standing over chests, use this to open them and see whats inside. Be careful though, it could be a Mimic!

CARDASS - Early into your journey, you'll get an album to hold all your Cardass cards. This command allows you to check all the cards you have, with a picture, stat line, and short blurb about whatever's on the card.

Selecting ABILTIIES under the STATUS menu will allow you a peek at your character's stats page. Here, you'll be able to check their equipment, current gold count, stats, and a neat little picture of the character.

LVL - Your current experience level. The higher it is, the stronger the knight.

HP - Hit points, health points, doesn't matter what you call them, you'll need to keep this number from hitting 0 or you'll need to be revived at the Inn.

MP - Mana points, magic points, you know the drill. However you slice it, you'll be using these to cast spells.

ATK - Your Attack increases when you level up, and increases further based on your equipment. A true knight delivers justice with high attack!

DEF - Your Defense, like Attack, is determined by a base DEF that increases as you level, and from your equipment. Be sure to keep your defenses high by upgrading your armor as it becomes available.

AGL - Justice, along with being delivered fiercely, must be delivered swiftly! This stat determines turn order, and (may) determine how often a character will dodge attacks

EXP - Without experience, there would be no level. On top is your current amount of EXP, and below is the amount needed to level up. Reach that number and BAM--you're now one level higher!


Confused as to what the combat commands each do? Don't know what TACTICS is? You've come to the right place!

FIGHT - Attack your enemies with the swing of a sword, axe, or staff! Uses no MP, and is calculated using your ATK. Be careful when targetting your attacks, as if a group of enemies is wiped out, anyone else who was targetting them skips their turn.

MAGIC - Use some MP and cast some spells! Most fall under 3 catagories (which I made up myself to make things easier): HEALING, DAMAGE, and STATUS. For more info on spells, check out the SPELLS list!

ITEMS - Use your items on yourself or party members for some needed healing, when a spell just won't cut it.

TACTICS - This opens up a submenu with 4 commands, which I'll elaborate on below.

FOCUS - This command uses up all of your party's actions, using them to allow your first party member to focus and unleash a powerful attack that varies in strength based on your party's ATK stat.

DISPERSE - This command is a godsend for when you're far stronger than your enemies, spreading the default attack command amongst all your enemies. Unlike the regular FIGHT command, if all enemies in a group are defeated, your party will choose a different target, rather than skipping the turn.

SURROUND - Using (what I believe is) your character's AGL stat, you dart behind your target, doing (what I believe is) extra damage.

RETREAT - A true knight never runs away! Just kidding, a true knight knows when to hightail it. Use if you're in a pinch and can't beat the enemy!


Well, here's a complete list of every member of the Zeon Army, along with their strategy and what you need to defeat them.


Here will be a list for spells, which will include the effect, MP cost, and which party members and enemies can cast them.


Here, you will find a complete list of Cardass cards, along with statistics and a short blurb.