In Memory of the part of me I've cut off.

I truly cannot feel remorse,

For I no longer breathe your air.

As all I've lost's now par the course

Though now it seems I've lost your flair.

Of course, you're but a transient thing,

From mem'ry, you shall never fade.

Like careless insults you would fling,

Or all the games you've never played.

I am burdened by you.

In the darkness of the day.

Even in fluorescent nights.

Smeared across the gold display.

Flickers through the dimming lights.

I hear you.

From those who were so close.

From those who just know you.

From those who were just shows.

From those who know I grew.

I don't know what I'd say to you.

Besides "I'm glad you're dead."

Cut from my sprue.

Stress marks from where I bled.