Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and The Blade of Light is a Strategy RPG for the Nintendo Famicom, which has recently been translated and ported onto Nintendo Switch. I've already played quite a lot of Fire Emblem, and I've even played through the remake of the original NES title on DS, though I never beat it. This page will note any highlights of my playthrough, in a very rough blog format.

I will not be using any guide for this playthrough, nor will I be rewinding or resetting if a unit dies (an Ironman run). I will be consulting my brother, who occasionally points out funny things and gives me some general information on a unit based on what he remembers (i.e. "Oh this unit sucks so bad don't use him" or "Barst is a god")

Chapter 3

I've just beaten chapter 3! The thing that always gets me with the Famicom Fire Emblem games is the speed (or rather the lack thereof). This port does have an option for 2× speed, but it also speeds up the music, which is a little annoying. I'm used to sped up music, since I already had to play through many Final Fantasy games (Tactics) on emulators, but it didn't feel right for this game. Anyway...

Due to my underestimating of the Soothsire Hyman, I have already lost Cord. He is succeeded by his brothers Bord and Barst. Never forget...




On the plus side, we did get a dope Devil Axe, and I just picked up the Healer Lena with a powerful Warp staff!