Time to drink drinks and change lives! Here is a list of different alcoholic stuff I've imbibed. Please note that I've got a hatred for bitter things and so most alcohol tastes kinda bad to me, I just drink because I enjoy being drunk. Fun Fact: I've never been hungover! I also can handle my liquor pretty well too! I'm such an interesting girl, aren't I?


I tend to drink this whiskey more than any other drink since it's quite cheap at my local liquor store. It's 33%, so it gets me drunk pretty quickly, which is always a plus. It burns really nicely on the way down, presumably on account of the cinnamon its got. It makes my throat, face, and stomach warm, so I'd recommend it on a cold night out with friends, or when you don't want to turn the heater on since you always forget to turn it off before you sleep.


A single-serving cup of sake. It's not too great tasting, it kinda just reminds me of really light rubbing alcohol. It's quite cheap though! My local Japanese marketplace frequently has them on sale for $1-2 dollars each. It's only 15%, and since it's a sake, it won't really get you drunk if you throw it back like water. I heard you have to take it slow and sip it like wine, which makes sense since it IS wine! Regardless, it's a great drink for the price, if you can stand the taste.


I once got a tiny bit of this in my mouth after trying to disinfect a cut on my face. DO NOT DRINK RUBBING ALCOHOL!! It tastes like shit and it's very bad for you (moreso than regular alcohol).


It's a Korean distilled spirit usually made from rice. The Jinro Soju I have tastes like very clean water, and it's nice and refreshing for someone with a very sensitive palette such as myself. It's somewhere around the ballpark of sake, like 15% or 20%. It gets me nice and warm but not drunk usually, which is nice for unwinding and playing something like Yakuza.


It's pretty much the same as the previous drink, but with some watermelon flavoring. It felt quite artificial to me, and I didn't like it much. It's a good spirit for beginners though, the taste is almost like watermelon soda.


This is the first alcoholic beverage I ever drank. It just tastes like peach soda with a bitter edge. It's juice mixed with beer so it's not too intoxicating, but it is good for beginners and for people who just want something sweet. (Although if that's the case just buy a nice soda)


It's a tall can of strawberry lemonade mixed with slightly stronger beer. The taste of beer and sour lemonade kinda clash, but it's good if you wanna get buzzed off a couple cans.


Despite the name, this is actually a liqeur that's flavored like a whiskey! Isn't that neat? Anyway, this is pretty damn sweet, so maybe enjoy this with something else to keep the cloying sweetness from getting to you. It's a quite strong, at 35%, but I drank like half a bottle of this and I didn't get too drunk so I dunno. Regardless, this is a very sweet "whiskey" that's perfectly fine.


Ok, so when I was in like high school I was eating pizza and got sauce on the back of my hand. I forgot I had just used hand sanitizer and I licked it. Tasted fucking awful 0/10